2021 Annual Report Instruction Form for Connecticut LLCs

Nov 18, 2020 | MMNT Blog

Have you received a letter recently notifying your business that the Connecticut annual filing fee is due?

Have you also noticed the fee stated in the letter is significantly higher than last year?

The State of Connecticut has not outsourced its annual LLC filing system or its fees. The letter you received is from a non-governmental agency called C.F.S. that is offering to complete the annual filing for you. The cost of the annual filing through C.F.S. is $120; if you go directly through the Connecticut Secretary of State, the fee is $20. The additional $100 that C.F.S. is charging is the cost of the service. You’ll notice this in the fine print under “Step 4.” In the letter.

You can use C.F.S. to file your annual LLC fee with the Secretary of State, or you can continue to file the annual report the way you always have, just be aware of what you are paying for.

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This blog could become outdated due to tax law updates.


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